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Easy home collection service for your materials.

How does a resident in your community recycle their unwanted paint, motor oil, electronics, thermostats, anti-freeze or batteries?

The home collection service is the easiest way to encourage proper disposal of home generated special materials in your community. These items, known as home generated special materials consist of electronics, universal waste, and more. Once collected, WM sends most of the materials to approved recycling facilities including electronics, paints, batteries, lamps, motor oil and more! Therefore diverting these items.

Household Cleaners
Ammonia, cleaning compounds, bleach, floor stripper, drain cleaner, rust remover, carpet/upholstery cleaner, tile/shower cleaner, and more
Automotive Products
Antifreeze, motor oil, oil filters, fluids, polish, waxes, vehicle batteries, upholstery cleaners, and more
Consumer Electronics
Computers, laptops, keyboards, monitors, microwaves, DVD players, CD players, CD ROM, fax machines, cell phones, VCRs, desktop printers, scanners, gaming systems, related cords, and more
Paint Products
Oil-based paint, latex paint, spray paint, artist paint, wood preservative, stain, caulk, sealer and more
Household batteries of various sizes: AA, AAA, C and D
Garden Chemicals
Herbicide, insecticide, fertilizer, pesticide, and more
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and straight fluorescent tubes
Thermometers and thermostats
Numerous items that contain mercury
Flammable Items
Kerosene, gasoline, solvents and more
Syringes and Lancets
Sharps, syringes, needles and lancets 
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Pool acid, stabilizer, chlorine


Why Choose WM?

WM's At Your Door Special Collection® service is the easiest way to encourage recycling and proper disposal of home generated materials, also known as household hazardous waste, in your community. The program focuses on sending most of these items to be recycled; therefore diverting these items from local landfills. From the Service Technicians to our Operations Service Center Specialists, all team members participate in our in-depth and on-going training process.

Experience where it counts- Over the years, we have refined the challenging process of residential collection of home generated special materials. Our experience with numerous municipalities and hundreds of thousands of residents can be applied to your community.


Yes, but different terminology is used to describe this service, since this program contains numerous categories of items and is not limited to only the collection of household hazardous waste. This program encompasses a wide variety of hazardous materials (pesticides, gasoline, bleach, oil-based paint), non-hazardous items (latex paint, household batteries, household cleaners, etc.), consumer electronics, and universal materials (compact fluorescent lamps, batteries, thermostats, thermometers, etc.).

The term material is utilized as most of these items collected through this program are sent for recycling or reuse. For example, electronics are not referred to as a waste, since most of the components can be recycled. WM’s At Your Door Special Collection service now markets the collection and management of this large group of items as "Home Generated Special Materials".
Our program is designed to service all types of homes within a community.
Many of the items collected through this service are sent to be recycled through various processes. Our goal is to send as much of the material as possible for recycling/reuse, depending upon available resources. Communities can include this program as the next phase of expanding recycling services.
The At Your Door Special Collection service has a focus on recycling over other methods for disposal. Most of the materials collected are sent to facilities that will recycle these materials. Some communities have diversion goals and this program can be used to help satisfy their mandated goals. Reports verifying the amount of material sent to be recycled can be provided.
There is a simple process:
  1. Participant contacts the At Your Door Special Collection® service center to schedule a home collection.
  2. A specific collection date is set and collection kit is mailed to the resident.
  3. On the specified date, eligible materials are collected directly from the home.
  4. Trained Service Technician collects materials for eventual transport to recycling/disposal facilities.
This on-demand service is provided to all residents within a contracted area, year-round. Instead of requiring residents to pack items into vehicles and travel to an event on a specific date at a specific time, our team provides service directly to homes throughout the community. This provides greater convenience and easier access to a greater number of residents. If you are considering changing from an annual event to a year-round home collection service, more details can be provided.
We are here to answer all questions about this service. Fill out our online form, then a WM Representative will reach out to you to answer your questions. You may also directly reach out to your local WM Representative.
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